Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Opening Hours and Library Pics

We've now integrated library information (address, opening hours) into various parts of CamLib

Opening hours are pretty important. When a user finds a book online, the next thing they want to know is usually "when can I get this book" - though in Cambridge they may also be asking "can I borrow this book" or even "can I use this library". All of this information is available in CamLib, but not in a particularly joined-up way.

The next challenge is not just to display this kind of information but to use it in the provision of relevant services - allowing users to filter searches to only bring back items in libraries they can use, or items in libraries they can use where they can borrow, or items in libraries which are open and which they can use.

We've also put some pictures of libraries up. Not all libraries have pics yet - we're adding them as they get sent in. The pics make the interface look nicer, but also have a practical purpose. The bigger sites in Cambridge have large numbers of buildings, often crowded together. A map reference only gets you into the general vicinity.

We asked libraries to include photos of the building as a whole and the entrance to the library so that when users are there or thereabouts they can use them to find the particular library they need.

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