Monday, 10 May 2010

Project Plan Post 5 of 7: Project Team Relationships and End User Engagement

Dr. Dan Sheppard will manage the project from CARET, and brings extensive software development expertise and also project management experience of cross-departmental projects, particularly with the University Library.

A project board, comprising representatives of Cambridge University Library and the University of Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies will take responsibility for overseeing the project:

  • Patricia Killiard, Head of Electronic Services and Systems, Cambridge University Library
  • John Norman, Director, Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies
  • Dr. Laura James, Chief Operating Officer, Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies

News flash!
Dan is this term's Arcadia Fellow at the University Library, so Laura is stepping into the breach as interim project manager. We look forward to having Dan back for the bulk of the project...

We will follow a lightweight, agile development model, aiming to deliver frequent rough prototypes for user testing with students where possible, and staff outside of term. This approach has delivered successful JISC projects before, and is closely linked to the JISC Users and Innovation Development Model. In addition, we will apply our expertise in user-centric design which derives from the JISC Academic Social Networking project - this has shown us how to carry out really good user testing.

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