Monday, 6 September 2010

Back to school, off to Glasgow

After a typically fragmented August (if you're not on holiday yourself then everyone you need to speak to is) it's back to school for the CULWidgets team, starting with a trip to Glasgow for the JISC LMS Programme Meeting. As we draw slowly towards the end of the project it's a great opportunity to focus on what we've achieved and what we still need to achieve as well as a chance to see what everyone else is doing!

One thing we have made progress with over the Summer is getting the student data we need to give our widget services relevance. We have one minor technical hitch to get over, and then we should be able to get a test version of our Exam Papers Widget up and running.

This really is a key strand of the project for us. It involves institutional collaboration - the University Library, CARET, DSpace@Cambridge (institutional repository) and the Management Information Services Division (who run the student registry) are all integral to the project. It involves a new kind of material - the Library has traditionally only dealt with exam papers in paper form. It involves the provision of relevant services in relevant places. And it involves direct engagement with the student and academic community. Finally, we hope it will be a blueprint for the course-based delivery of teaching and learning materials across the University.

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