Monday, 26 July 2010

Reading List Hackathon - a Summary

On Thursday and Friday of last week, I attended a Reading List Hackathon run by DevCSI, at the Møller Centre, Cambridge. The event was designed to encourage the hacking of library information systems and reading list software.

We looked at two major pieces of reading list software:


with talks from Mendeley (who provide citation software), Talis (who provide library software and reading list software, amongst other things) and Emerald (a publisher who are creating peer-reviewed reading lists as a free service).

After these talks, we got together into teams, and started hacking, creating, amongst other things:

  • a way of pushing Emerald RSS feeds through Yahoo pipes, allowing filtered searching
  • some extensions to List8D
  • Six degrees of Harry Potter, which used Talis API data to generate a graph of degrees of separation
  • Compare the Citation: a teaching tool to educate undergraduates about citation styles
  • an extension to a library catalogue, showing availability of items on a reading list
  • an extension to List8D, allowing users to display citations in different styles
  • using the Talis APIs in List8D
  • Llikes, a tool to reorder a reading list based on social metrics

I'll write a couple of blog posts detailing what people said in their talks, and more about what was created during the event.

But basically, I had a really good time; I discovered lots of new things; some really cool and interesting things were created, and I'd love to go to a similar event again.

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  1. Verity,
    Thanks for the summary. You or someone from CARET should attend one of the upcoming Mashed Libraries 'unconference' events.