Thursday, 22 July 2010

Reading List Hackathon

One of the things we're interested in doing is innovating ways to disseminate and manage Reading Lists.

Our latest widget, the Reference List widget I mentioned last week, covers a related but slightly different use case to Reading Lists. Reading Lists are much more broad, and could include published books, journals, local (e.g. departmental) reading material etc; whereas the Reference List widget caters for lists of citations in a very well defined format.

Right now one of our team members, Verity, is at a DevCSI workshop exploring the interoperability between reading list software and other software systems - we'll let you know of any useful things she picks up at the Hackathon.

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  1. hey, reference list widget seems to be great one. I never heard about it before. Let me know how does it work ? I couldn't wait more for adding it in my blog.
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