Thursday, 15 July 2010

A new widget and a new gallery!

Over the past few weeks we've started a "production line" of widgets where widgets start off life as ideas, become prototypes, then emerge as demos and gradually develop into more finished products. Watch this space for more news about some of the other widgets we have in "incubation" in the production line.

The first new widget to emerge from this production line as a "beta" release is a Reference List widget - this displays a list of journal citations and allows the user to filter them by various criteria like keyword and author. This could be used as a handy way for a course lecturer to disseminate the References relevant to various lectures within a course. It is powered by public JSON feed from a Google Spreadsheet which makes it easy for non-developers to maintain the source data. I'll blog a bit more about how this widget works in a later post.

In the meantime, I've set up a quick and dirty Gallery Page to show off our widgets as they emerge from the production line - you can see the Reference List widget in action on there, along with the two other widgets that are in a ready-to-demo state (see earlier posts for more about them). The widgets and the Gallery Page itself have some rough-edges which we'll tidy-up in the coming weeks but for now you get a flavour of what we've been up to. We also hope to supplement this demo page with a more "directory-like" page, a bit like an "app store", which will tell you more about each widget, and allow you to add the widgets to your own portals (e.g. Facebook, iGoogle).


  1. Gallery page looks pretty cool!

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