Friday, 12 November 2010

Library Widget Report

This is the first of a series of end-of-term reports on each of our widgets. Who made the grade? Who must try harder? Who are the troublemakers? Who are the swots?

We'll start with the Library Widget. We've done a fair amount of development on what was already a fairly established platform. We added in Library pics to help with navigation, we beefed up security, we integrated it into our new resource discovery layer, and we did some behind-the-scenes jiggery-pokery to make everything work more smoothly.

For the Library Widget, the project was more about launching it and seeing if it floated. So let's take a look at this month's Google Analytics and see how it's doing (vertical axis figs 200 and 400)

Not bad at all! Plenty of users, plenty coming back for more, and with 2,168 unique users we are already exceeding our end of year target of 2,000 users per month. Obviously, there is more we can do with the Library Widget, but it's essentially a stable product with an established and growing user base. The future looks bright!

Verdict: B+
Steady progress, will go far.


  1. Record hits on Monday 15th - 393 on library widget, 68 on CamLib mobile. 461 in a day - essay pressure? Renewal fest?

  2. Really interesting to see the figures for the widget - it'll be interesting to see how the figures develop as the widget does. Also, the impact of new students with different expectations and devices.

  3. Quite interesting one. I am happy to see the Google analytic reviews for the widget. It is doing good. The future sounds to be bright one !!
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